Find a job - Dear Employee Your Job Sucks

Dear Employee Your Job Sucks


Find a job - Dear Employee Your Job Sucks

Introduction: Money Through Marketing

This is the education they conveniently forgot to pass on to you back in your high school years. In fact, itís very likely that no matter what you studied, you didnít learn of this in college either and you started your job search without this background knowledge. And I can assure you that you have not and will not hear of this from your boss.

Iím talking of education about money and opportunity to optimize your job searching. More specifically money through marketing (and as often as possible, money through automated marketing).

Thatís what this book is about.

For savvy investors and business owners, this book will present how disturbingly lucrative marketing can be. For employees, browsing job search sites, the book will show how technology and the right marketing systems can start building additional income streams for the household. Income streams that are independent of time and effort.

I want to jump into the subject matter as immediately as possible. However, I do need to lay a bit of ground work to ensure we are all starting from the ďsame pageĒ.

Some of what I intend to leave you with is a better understanding of how to judge whether you are using a leaky income model and also give you specific ways of setting up automated marketing money.

The Down Escalator

If you donít feel you are where you want to be financially, itís important for you to realize that you have likely been walking up a down escalator for quite some time now. You can put in the effort and try to get to a higher platform with your finances, but if the escalator is heading down, you will be exerting a lot of effort and not getting far.

That might take the shape of having a full time job and a part-time job, conducting a desperate online job search, working overtime, yet still struggling with debt. Or it may be a business you are pouring a lot of time and money into, but seeing very little profit yield.

Let me just add to that down-escalator analogy as itís a useful illustration.

What happens if you start walking upwards on a downwards escalator? You will have put in more effort than you really need to (as nearby, there is an up escalator as well) but you can still get half way to the top and maybe even right to the top. But what happens if you stop walking (working) altogether? You end up at the bottom.

Contrast that to earned income you get as a result of the employment job search, which so many people strive for and which is regarded a norm from the point of view of our society. What happens if you donít show up to work this week (other than possibly being quickly promoted to the position of customer)? If you donít work, you donít earn. If you donít earn, you soon end up at the bottom (financially). Thatís because employment is a dependent income model. It is entirely dependent upon your energy and your time. And while there is nothing wrong with hard work (I have built ponds during the winter while it was raining, I have worked 90 hours per week with 2 full time jobs and 1 part time and have worked 15+ hour shifts when helping launch a restaurant), hard work will only produce large financial gains when it is used to create more and more independent (automated) income streams, thus saving you from necessity to deal with career job search.

For as long as you rely entirely on a paycheck (slave to the wage), you may achieve self-satisfaction but not financial comfort and certainly not financial freedom.

I wonít get into what you need to or should do. Iím simply going to show you where some of these up escalators are. At some point, if youíve never stood on an up escalator (stay with the analogy), it may be uncomfortable and it may even seem too good to be true. Here you have been putting in all this effort to get even half way on a down escalator and here I come along and tell you that this socalled up escalator allows you to simply stand on it, and through its automation, can take you to the top? Exactly!


What stops the average individual from stepping onto the up escalator?

ē Lack of knowledge
ē Conformity

Lack of education is addressed in this book as well as in the handful of key resources that are highlighted. Conformity (thinking like everyone else and following the large group) is the opposite of courage, but itís also a decisionÖ one that only you can make.